for Utility Emergencies

Educate Responders • Reduce Injuries • Save Lives

Are responders in your service area prepared to deal with utility emergencies?

Although natural gas and electricity are two of the most common hazards at the emergency scene, first responders often have limited knowledge of the dangers they present. Now, with just one click, you can educate both fire and law enforcement responders, reduce injuries and save lives.

RESPONDING TO UTILITY EMERGENCIES is a new online resource that enables you to effectively and efficiently deliver key information to first responders across your service area or network. The site is customized to provide specific information based on the services your utility provides - electricity, natural gas or both.

This video-based course features renowned trainer Michael Callan ( We track detail on all responders who login, review the course and receive a completion certificate. Utilities have continuous access to the database of registered responders for use in compliance, insurance and other uses. Now it’s easy to reach... and educate all responders in your service area 24/7!

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Fire / Rescue Increase your knowledge of how to respond to a utility emergency.


Fire Department Training Track

Law Enforcement Learn how to assess the risks associated with a utility emergency.


Law Enforcement Training Track

Community Awareness Knowledge and preparation can impact the outcome of a utility emergency.


Community Responders Training Track